Mediclinic Cloud Software is safer than your own server. Why? Click here

Our data portal is managed through a SECURE and Digicert EV SSL Encrypted, separate web application which you can access through Login (above).

Mediclinic has been providing Medical Software solutions with extra services, across the globe for over 6 years.  Our experience and Global reach ensures the most stringent data security and access at every stage.

We Secure you with over 47 various security protocols and implementations exceeding all of the most strict and regulated government data security requirements for CLOUD or any software.

We use only Government approved servers in Government approved Microsoft Azure Data centres.



  • Group booking with all in group rebooked in 1 click
  • Individual patient booking - various screen views - day /week/provider
  • SMS for all or individual patients from pt profile
  • SECURE On-line patient bookings - we can even design this in your website
  • Patient Self-check in at clinic site thru tablet or PC - no expensive terminal required
  • Drag and drop booking changes
  • Quick acces menu for Booking where you add the most used links
  • Statistics / Metrics
  • Canceled / deleted booking reports
  • Scan in all docs and easily access and view without download
  • Speech to Text notes and various notes inc SOAP
  • Store documents, images and all files

Communication through the software:

  • Automated Reminder: email and sms - set up 8 days ahead
  • Internal messages & reminders
  • Free Phone, email or online support

Reports & Management:

  • Banking / Invoice / revenue by clinic / by provider reports
  • Sales / Transaction reports
  • Generate your own report / Export data to Accounts Software
  • Orders / stock / cash sales reports
  • Staff schedule / Hours worked reports
  • Vouchers -- (gift, package for Gym or Physio) or other services
  • Booking reports
  • Medicare DVA and Health funds and Credit Card

Designed for you:

  • Individualized customization
  • Create your own template or use ours
  • Quick links for you means that You as a User can drag and drop the items from the menu bars you need
  • Automatic billing available
  • Medicare / DVA / TYRO / Ezydebit and soon Paypal online claiming
  • Manage multiple locations
  • Show only the staff on that particular day function
  • SECURE EMAILING without using ARGUS or other providers
  • Special requests – NO PROBLEM


an Integrated New Payment and Health
Claiming Solution for all Allied Health Professionals;
Tyro HealthPoint. Fully integrated, fast, secure, and reliable. TYRO WITH MULTI MERCHANT Facilities.

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Medicare / DVA Compliant

All money goes to your Bank account. Reports are stored in our system so you can always (or have your accountant) pull down reports at ANY TIME and verify payments against your bank and we automatically adjust overpaid invoices to match your banking and accounts.
Our Medicare and DVA Claiming System that ensures you are compliant, 100%
Automated GP letters to comply with Medicare rules and regulations and automated tracking of patients’ EPC visits and eligible number of remaining services

The Medicare logo is used for informational purposes only and is not intended to represent an endorsement of Mediclinic by Medicare

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We can Offer Full Admin Support

Practice costs and admin eat your fees so we can really assist you in cutting these overhead costs.
Don’t lose control but enhance your patient services. For a small cost we can take your calls during busy periods,
after hours, before hours, week ends, when you are closed or on vacation. WE CAN DO IT ALL or we can just be your
total reception. We do EVERYTHING except take the cash and meet your patients as they arrive and we mean EVERYTHING.

Revolutionary Practice Management

No fuss, online claiming
of DVA and Medicare is here.

Designed specifically for allied health professionals

    • Web based so you can log on anywhere you have an internet connection.
    • SECURE – Your data is hosted on AUSTRALIAN servers Only – FULL SSL Security with DIGICERT.
    • Claim DVA & Medicare overnight right to your bank account. (Using Medicare Online Claiming).

6 days a week FREE SUPPORT.

From only $35 per month (plus GST)

Here are a few of our features to get you thinking

No fuss, online claiming of DVA and Medicare is here

  • Automatic compliance letters (EPC) and any notes you select automatically emailed to the referring doctor after each consultation.
  • Scan in any type of record (referrals, notes, x-rays, images, anything) and access them anywhere any time. No data storage costs!
  • Automatic EPC countdown so you and your patients know EXACTLY how many services remain and when all were claimed!
  • Multi-clinic multi-location multi-practitioner unlimited admin NO EXTRA FEES.
  • Reminders, emails, SMS and letters – and viewable in sent history that the SMS or Email was sent. Cost is 9c/SMS!
  • Aged care module specifically designed for HC -LC – Medicare – DVA Home Visits – Emergency (Out of session) Visits.
  • BODY CHART interactive notes – detailed notes specific to body areas of concern.
  • PATIENT ON LINE BOOKINGS now available – let your patients book online.

It does more than you ever imagined possible. Trial and claim Medicare/DVA for free!

Available from anywhere, at anytime, on any device

Away from the office? No problem.
You can easily login using any computer that has internet access. The cloud based software means that your clinic is available to you,
anywhere and anytime you need it

Fast Payments

No more waiting weeks to receive your payments from Medicare and DVA
With online claiming, you can submit your claims the day of the consultation and receive the payment to
your account within 24-48 hours. The days of waiting weeks to receive your Medicare payments are gone with Mediclinic

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Head to our features page to see the exhaustive list of features Mediclinic brings to you.


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