Additional Features



  • Personalized Music On or Hold on Message




    Generate a report of all bookings and paid time off by clinic or provider by date range.


    PDF invoices sent to email addresses MONTHLY -automatic but you can turn off this or on. Great overdue reminders.


    All Invoices now have a WEB PAY (pay Online) Web Link on the PDF invoice so when client / patient receives the invoice they can CLICK on the WEB PAY link and it will take them to the SECURE ONLINE gateway to pay to YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.


    Treatment reports itemising all residents treated and their status – LC HC MEDICARE DVA so the facility get a full list of who was treated and attended to.


    REPORTS MADE EASIER – when sending a letter or report from the system there are now 2 additional Buttons PT and GP so you click on the letter or upload it, and click on GP and the email address of the GP for THAT PATIENT will be entered AUTOMATICALLY so then you click SEND Email and its OFF! The same for Patient if a patient wants a report.

  • STOCK and ITEM Control

    We now have stock control features. Allocated Items (orthotics supplies etc.) to a Clinic and or a Podiatrist or practitioner and the system keeps track of when and to whom that item was sold and used so even consumables can be tracked.


    When you have a customer or patient who wants to place an order or you need to order something in – you can order and track that it is in process and or when it is filled.


    Click on the NEXT available button and you can select a clinic a provider or both and a date range or leave the default range and see what times and what clinics have a vacant slot without clicking back and forth between dates on a booking sheet.


    You can now add patient conditions to your site and click on whatever condition applied to that patient e.g.: DIABETES. These will report and be placed onto letters to referrers for you.


    This is a new IMPORTANT update. You now have REFERRER notes and SESSION notes. This means you can write notes in REFERRER notes which will populate onto a letter to the Referrer AUTOMATED and session notes is for YOUR EYES ONLY so you can add things like _ likes to talk about his kids on holidays and has a dementia issue so needs extra care.


    We now have a FLASHING MESSAGE that you can attach to individual patient such as GET PHONE NUMBER AS CHANGED so when the provider is treating you can see the note flashing (you can’t miss it!)


    Anyone with a balance outstanding will show up so you can clearly see it. It is in RED as a warning.


    Themselves in easier now ONLINE and you get an email alert of new and deleted by patient bookings.


What we will do for you when you commence with MEDICLINIC Software


  • Personalized Service

  • We will scan and upload all your referrals and letters (FULL RECEPTION SERVICES ONLY)

  • We will add your logos to all letters templates



  • Import all your letter templates – all package

  • Free online live support for all of your team (this reading any manual anytime!)

  • Assist with customizing your products and services.



are NOT call centres. They are MANAGED OFFICES meaning they do not use a script. They know YOUR BUSINESS, learn your business and provide PERSONAL results. WE DO EVERYTHING your own receptionists would do except Say “HI please take a seat” and handle the cash. WE DO EVERYTHING and use people that have lived in Your location. It is a model we use that is UNIQUE to us and ensures our success and your business reputation!

PRICING – At a Glance


$25.00 No Medicare or DVA online claiming – AND everything else. $15.00 each additional practitioner – admin users as many as you like free


$45.00 plus $35.00 each additional practitioner. You get Full Medicare and DVA Online Claiming but you do everything to fix claims rejected.


$175.00 the FIRST Practitioner then $55.00 each additional practitioner and we do ALL of this for you in your monthly fee. Please see website for full offerings of this complex package.

Products and Services Functions


Financials and associated reports for EFTPOS, HICAPS, EPC Claims, Medicare, DVA, Cash sales including Invoices, Credit Notes and Receipts. We have a Bookings Report where all totals and items are detailed by Provider, clinic or a selection of each. You customize the report and it can be exported however you choose.Staff Commission allocation – pay a set or commission amount per item if you choose. Invoices and receipts reports – know how you are tracking and who is deleting or cancelling too. Complete and locate: incomplete, deleted and finalized bookings by date (range). We do not currently export to financial figures to Accounting programs because they want line by line and this will take as much time as entering the data directly. We do have date ranges so you can take the figures in as a lump sum For example some people want detailed financial information so we can show all figures for Cash, HICPAS, EFTPOS, Chqs etc and you can take the figures in to your accounting software as a lump sum or individual so you can track how you are going year by year.


  • Automatic system generated compliance letters or manually create your input letters.
  • Print batch letters, reprint letters by referrer, patient or date (range).
  • View and print service specific booking reminder letters: Outstanding and completed history.
  • SMS and email reminders: history, system generated reminders for birthdays and other greetings and remaining SMS credit balance.

Existing Admin Functions


  • Staff: List, Add, Manage Members
  • User Logins
  • Cost Centres



  • Organizations
  • Clinics List (Multi Clinic Practices)


You can have multiple clinics in multiple locations with any amount of PRACTITIONERS setting days times and breaks

  • Clinics: Manage, Edit, Add
  • Facilities: List, Manage, Add
  • Medical Practices
  • Statistics
  • Patients: List, Add, Edit, Change, Search
  • ALERTS – know who deletes or cancels a booking as you get an ADMIN email and if there were notes Attached, these notes are sent to you too. Warns you of FRAUD prevention.


  • Referrers: Add, Amend, Edit, Change
  • Referrer EPC Letters: Auto, Create, Email, Send and Reprint
  • Letters: Automatic, Manual and Templates
  • Bookings: Search, Create, Add, Change, List, Reports and Services.
  • Service Offering: Edit, Adjust Pricing for Medicare, DVA and Reports.



A separate/additional module to the standard clinic software, this will help you manage your Allied Health Services within the Aged Care Industry. It will help you:

  • Ensure the same provider is not overlapped into a clinic and aged care home on the same day at the same time.
  • Know who you are getting paid for the next day and how much.
  • Provide full Allied Health DVA claim support and claiming.
  • Online claiming – Medicare and DVA Claims, Payment Received within 48 hours of claim being sent,usually by the next business day into YOUR bank account.
  • Financial system that makes it easy to create and manage Medicare and DVA claims as well as clinic invoices.
  • Allows you to extract financial reports into an Excel file and manage your finances with ease.
  • Automated letter system – no more hassles writing to patients or EPC Medicare letters to your GP’s.
  • Create as many letters as you want customized to how you want.
  • A robust and simple addition to the Mediclinic package that has been in use and tested for several years in a number of allied.
  • The only web based AUSTRALIAN SOFTWARE with DVA AND MEDICARE Online Claiming*.
  • Know where YOUR data is at all times (unlike most cloud systems).
  • DEDICATED database. Your DATA is not shared in one database as it is in other systems.


  • Most web systems put all your patient data into the one database. We do not.
  • DVA and MEDICARE ONLINE – claim the SAME DAY, no paper claim forms required.
    Our DVA and Medicare ONLINE claiming is done by our software through an AUTHORIZED Department of HUMAN SERVICES third party channel.
  • Recall, marketing, information and various other letter functions.
  • Scan in EPC and other referrals to the patient file. Letters recorded and kept forever and never lost.
  • Automated letters to save you time and to ensure FULL MEDICARE compliance.
  • Comprehensive reports and letters WHICH YOU CREATE and choose & invoices / receipts.
  • Automated email for letters and patient reminders.
  • Microsoft and other Office Products compatible for all letters and reports.
  • Easy payment options – no yearly fee.
  • Free to leave with your data any time.
  • Designed with Ease of Use in mind – Everything is JUST A CLICK or a tap of the tablet/phone.
  • Complete historical charts and history for all events entered.
  • ALL reports and histories can be exported to Microsoft Excel.


Secure SSL encrypted DIGICERT 2048 Encryption.

THE HIGHEST STANDARD IN THE INDUSTRY TODAY. “Lenstra et al claimed that it would take 1.5 million years with the standard desktop machine at the time, to repeat their record effort”

  • Customizable reports and invoice formats.
  • Multi clinic and multi provider compatible.
  • View multiple clinics appointments for one day on the one booking screen, to offer your patients the best times.
  • Simple colour coding for an easy visual representation of the days events.
  • No running out of disc space or expensive upgrades or SYSTEM DOWN times.
  • No need for expensive servers, software or IT people to support you.
  • Click once to see details of patients, Doctors and what you have done.
  • Audit trail of all data. See who did what and when and all additions, deletions and updates on screen.



  • Made an accidental deletion? No worries, you can always recover, as nothing is permanently deleted. Move / change / delete a booking without worry.
  • SMS reminders at affordable prices. Set these for a week before (rebook / cancellations) & 24 hrs before.
  • Recall, marketing, information and various other letter functions.
  • Patient reporting customization, so you can email or post reports according to how the Doctor or you prefer– as well as after each treatment or as required. We have so many options to use and you can have them all.
  • Medicare reporting is automated for the FIRST and LAST treatment using a template you set or using your treatment notes – YOU CHOOSE.
  • Reception-less clinic if you choose – you can do it all on your desk with a few easy clicks.


A Fully Integrated Practice Management system giving you EVERYTHING you can think of