Mediclinic Cloud Software is more safe than your own server. Why?

Mediclinic Cloud Software is safer than your own server. Why?

Many people confuse, SECURE EMAIL, Normal email FAX and CLOUD and secure CLOUD.
Let us try to explain in easy to understand, but for techno geeks, not perfect ways.

The Government says we WOULD like you to use SECURE Email but did you know it is not required under LAW?  Makes sense though to be as safe as possible, and at present there are a handful of secure email players in the market charging all sorts of fees.  We will shortly be offering this service at a reduced fee.  So, you can use this or not use secure email.  THERE IS NO LEGAL Requirement. And we feel a safer way too.

Email is totally different to CLOUD DATA or faxing.   Do not confuse SECURE EMAIL with normal email.

CLOUD data is complicated as there is PUBLIC CLOUD which means it is up to you to do security and then there is PRIVATE and HYBRID.  We use PRIVATE SECURE CLOUD where Microsoft AZURE has umpteen thousands of extra layers of security.  (Most HACKS were on AWS AMAZON Cloud systems PUBLIC Cloud – no protections.  Most FORTUNE 500 companies use AZURE and there must be a reason WHY.  Think about this.) Now data in Transit / Motion is where you use an internet browser like the GOOGLE or Internet bar where you type  This is called Data in Transit or Motion and most people have Security SSL certificate protection HERE.  This is when you hit ENTER and it goes off to fetch your WIKIPEDIA page and comes back to your computer that is IN TRANSIT / MOTION.  Then there is data at REST so this is where the data sits on a Computer somewhere off there in wonderworld.  Your CLOUD DATA CENTRE. This is data at REST and most companies leave it to Anti-Virus and FIREWALLS to protect this data.

It is terrible that we trust so many companies with our information and THEY DO NOT treat us with respect.  CLOUD had a bad name in the past because companies did not ENCRYPT or protect their data at REST when it was on the computer.  This is what hackers loved as they often broke down the FIREWALLS.  In 2017 these were the ones that made most people think all CLOUD was the same (taken from WIKIPEDIA on the internet)

Secure CLOUD IS WHERE ALL 3 ELEMENTS OF THE DATA ARE PROTECTED, IN MOTION, IN TRANSIT AND AT REST.  Mediclinic SECURES YOUR DATA WITH SO MANY LAYERS OF ENCRYPTION, with each piece of data being separately encrypted it would take the supercomputers of today over 50,000 years to decrypt (decode and work out what it is), one piece – for example the First name, then they must go for the next piece… the middle name, and so forth.

And that is if they can get in through the other 47 different security measures we take alone and then the Microsoft Azure Network Secure data services.  So, we do not say TRUST US, we mean it.  Your data is safer than anywhere else.  We do not rely on a firewall and a large brand name to make you feel safe.  WE DO IT.  We would go so far as to say we are safer than most Banks.  And that is one big call Most banks use AES or RSA 128 encryption. Military Grade Encryption is DEEMED AES 256 AND WE ARE USING AES 512 AND MANY OTHERS.  Feel safe now?

Military grade encryption refers to what's called AES-256 encryption. Short for Advanced Encryption Standard, it was the first publicly accessible and open cipher approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) to protect information at a “Top Secret” level.Mar 20, 2015

So you are worried about CLOUD is not secure?  Really?  What about you spending all that money on a server in your office or clinic and you pay for a SERVER license fee and installation and an IT guy to do all that whiz geek stuff you do not know how to so.  It costs money.  Did you know CLOUD is actually a specific server location or many locations all governed by very tight security and laws?  (We are talking medical here not email or Facebook).  Government dictates where and how COUD software is stored when Medicare or patient data is being stored.

BUT you feel that box in your back office is safe because you can plug in a unit and back up and restore data – right?  WRONG!!  You are being really mislead here.  CONTROL is in the hands of the people who develop your software whether you have a disc in your hand or IN THE CLOUD.  Good software means you are safe and secure.  9more on CONTROL at the bottom)

Have you thought what it costs to run a server in your office?  Most servers chew the power and then you need to have a subscription for licenses and the IT guy to do maintenance and security patches and updates.  All of this is costly.  It runs to thousands of dollars per year and then you must UPGRADE.  It never ends. And do not forget the “NOW it’s time to UPGRADE”!

MEDICLINIC CLOUD is one set fee per month EASY SIMPLE EFFICIENT and no worries. And more secure.

Mediclinic Software is not telling you we do this and that – WE DO IT.  We go further than what is required.  And we mean A LOT FURTHER.  But the true secret of security is NOT telling the other bad guys what we do.  So please forgive us for keeping this secret.


Why we say CLOUD is safer than ON PREMISE servers.  (You can also Google and you will see the detailed information there.)

EXAMPLE 1. So now you have your server and you look at it and feel secure because you have CONTROL.  Really?  you have control over what?  Do your staff access emails and Facebook and other social media clicking on links?  And inside is a terrible TROJAN or WORM or VIRUS and that gets to your Data. OOPS, the IT guy must now come and do scans and you are still not sure if your data is compromised.

EXAMPLE 2. The local drug addict is short of cash, He breaks in and steals your server which would have cost you upwards of $5000 to get all set up or as we say “configured”.  He sells it at some place for a few hundred dollars and feels happy.

EXAMPLE 3. Then there is the chance of upstairs having a water pipe breaking or the receptionist spilling coffee on the disc drives taking the daily backup or FORGETTING.  And what about power surges?

EXAMPLE 4. Power surge.  The electric company has a fire somewhere in a place you never heard of and it caused a POWER SURGE.  What is that?  It is a surge of electricity and if it hits your premises and one day it will, it will FRY your appliances and especially any computer plugged in and left on.  Not all power points will protect you as it requires specialized equipment to protect against power surges.

 So many factors and therefore Governments are moving their own data to the CLOUD.

PROBLEM. One day you walk in and see it gone.  No problems, “I have a back-up” you say, and away you go getting out your back up discs or device.  Then you need to get a new server because you cannot just plug in any old computer.  It won’t run the other 4 or 5 staff you need to connect for that day to operate.

BIGGER PROBLEM. “But I have a full day of patients!”  Off you run down to the local shop and quickly buy a new server or call your IT guy who is rubbing his hands with joy right now. He sets you up fast.  The server arrives in 2 hours. “Great” you say.  Then he installs a new server license and associated software.  That will take about 4 hours.  And patients are demanding receipts, and you need to do notes billing and all that Medicare and Medical stuff that is your business, such as referrals, scripts and scans and so forth.

NOTHING is more wrong than thinking a backup will work.  There is so many other associated things that need to be Reinstalled, just so you can operate.

MAJOR PROBLEM. At best it will be 4 to 7 days before you are back to functioning. And you have patients every day with the mounting issues getting a larger and larger pile of hassles.

But you feel safe as you have a disc in your home or bank with all your data.  Data that is great as a feel-good thing but not practical. 

SOLVED. Mediclinic Software CLOUD is safer than anything you have ever used, and we say this with knowledge of the over 47 different security implementations we have in our software.  AND no one can steal your data. Do not forget to click on the highlighted links on our HOME page.  This takes you to VERY detailed Government approved sites.

Some of these are IP blocked where we block certain countries known to be bad players with the internet.

We have the absolute highest encryption and keys and so far we know from hidden tests that we are probably more safe than your Internet banking and definitely safer than many large companies you trust.  Our security is safer than the logging in you do with Facebook or Gmail and many things YOU TRUST daily.

Here are some of the SECURITY implementations we have apart from this you also have the knowledge that we are located on AUSTRALIAN and Other Government SECURED data centre servers APPROVED by government with the highest standards.


Data Centre Security is on our main HOME page explained better than we can here.

We use Microsoft AZURE and they has accreditation with Governments around the world and are approved for data security storages – what we use for your data.

Mediclinic hosts data using state-of-the art physical security, including 24x7x365 surveillance, environmental protections and extensive secure access policies.

Logging in. We use a 2-password login such that any time you login from a new computer, along with your primary password, you will be required to enter a random subset of your second password. If you were to use a shared computer with a malicious key-logger, they will still be unable to get all of the required subset of the second password on the next login thereby rendering the key-logger useless. You can select a computer to be your personal computer and not require the second password again so that you can enjoy enhanced security from new devices with the ease of using only your first password on your personal computer.

Time-outs for too many attempts to login
To further enhance the security of logging in, we have a limited number of failed login attempts before the system locks you and requires you to contact Mediclinic to unlock it. This will stop a malicious user attempting to login repeatedly until they succeed.

2-Factor Authentication
We also offer 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) in place of the second password for the highest security known today. In place of the second password, you can instead use a unique code generated only by your phone, so that even if someone has your passwords, without your phone they can still not login.

Mediclinic uses industry leading, multi-level and multi-layered, SSL EV encryption between your web browser and our server. (Secured Data in Motion). This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers (Secured Data in Transit) remain private and safe. (Secured Data at Rest)

Our databases are encrypted with AES-512 encryption and passwords encrypted using a 1-way hash.

And this is only a SMALL part of the serious and stringent measures we take to protect you.  And there is no chance of anyone stealing our servers requiring the IT guy to do a backup or water falling from a pipe or a secretary spilling her coffee. And definitely no power surges!

You can also download the DSD (Government SPY AGENCY) booklet on security here and the data centres and security implementations we use are all and more than what is suggested herein.

If you would like to know more, please call us as we will not write in email what security measures we take as this is HIGHLY CONFIDENTAIL.  AND we give you control.  More controls than most, and you always oversee your data.

EMAIL us at:

We hear about people feeling they lose CONTROL. This is something people think of when they have a BOX or server in their office, BUT the fact is, people operating or people you rely on to do things may let you down.  And you never know until it is too late.  CLOUD software is governed by the strictest laws and procedures because every effort is made to have a failsafe in place.  You get control always as it is your data and you control users and passwords and access at every step and every way.

Just because you cannot see something REST assured the biggest companies with the highest levels or trust operate your data.  They do not want to lose business and that means you must be safe.  Remember when we had old fashioned copper phone lines and mobiles were not thought of?  Now we have mobiles and no copper lines and internet on fibre optic cables which are essentially GLASS fibre.  But is is safe..  WE TRUST the telco.  We trust that it works.  We do too BUT we make sure that we take extra steps so any mistake you may make we have this covered.  So you never lose CONTROL because it is always You who has the power to allocate remove or download what you want from Mediclinic Software.  It is your DECISION at all times.

All the problems occur when people take things into their own hands.  You trust too much.  We do too BUT we make sure our Trust is backed up with facts and systems that will not let you down. Think of staff who steal your business.  WE at Mediclinic make sure this is limited a lot more than you would do normally in your own Controlled environment.  Ask us how.