Ezidebit is a Queensland Finacial Instituion governed by Federal Government banking regulations. We use this company as part of of our WEB PAYMENT GATEWAY Solution.
What it means is this. You sign up to use Ezidebit and this agreement is between YOU and Ezidebit not us. All transactions are personal between both of you. Payments are paid to YOUR bank account.
Ezidebit allows you to charge Debit and Credit cards – not HICAPS
You can select whether a patient pays the credit card fees or you absorb the fees.
Fees are 1.75% and nothing else. No terminal fees. No Annual fees. No set up or establishement fees. No monthly fees. You will not get a better deal.


Invoices and statements can be emailed through Mediclinic Software direct to your customer / patients. They can click on the WEB PAY on the PDF invoice or statement and PRESTO! Your account is paid.
Automatic emailing can be selected or delected at any time and your customer can pay easy as 1 2 3

What you need to do to get started

Even if you are on a trial you can use this

  1. Complete the forms on our site
  2. Send us a CLEAR COPY of the Directors Drivers license and a copy of your bank deposit form or statement which we must by law send to Ezidebit


It’s Easy!