Frequently Asked Questions about our software and services

Q: What happens when I send an email with an attachment?

If someone sends multiple attachments, it is stored on the server in a zip which they can download to unzip themselves on their machine.

Can then be found in either of these methods (second is better)

  1. Letters => Letter History
  2. By going to a patient or referrer info page .. and clicking on Letter History link

Q: What browser should you use?


  1. Preferably use FIREFOX as your internet browser
  2. Log in here portal.mediclinic.com.au
  3. It will ask him you for your PRIMARY PASSWORD which is set by your Manager in your Clinic/Office

The system will guide you from there and there is a Tick Box to say remember this for 30 days.Bookmark the link so you do not have to remember but it is always available at www.mediclinic.com.au

Q: How do you set up staff?

We have 2 types of set ups for STAFF.

  1. Is INTERNAL staff and these are for your organizational staff who work inside YOUR clinics
  2. External Staff which are maybe a Doctors reception where you may work inside a GP clinic and the staff at that clinic take bookings for you. They can ONLY see patients at THAT clinic and no other part of your organization

Now lets go back to Internal staff

Internal staff has a few separate functions. Provider Principal Admin Master Admin Providers are what we charge for in the system. These are the actual TREATING Health Professionals. They can only access THEIR patients at the clinic or site they are registered to and NONE OTHER for your security. Financials of the business they cannot access A principal is a leader of a clinic with providers under them. They can see all bookings and so forth of all the providers attached to their clinic and notes and bookings. Admin can see all patients for all providers and cannot access company financials. They can see invoices of the patients for administrative purposes Master Admin is the Owner and allocated person who assigns staff rights and what they can do and can access EVERY part of the system including all financials which are very detailed

Here is the link of our software

Q: How do you set up DVA clients and verify them?

Medicare and DVA clients are set up the exact same way any other patient is set up. The only thing that differentiates them is a GP is attached to the patient and then you add a Referral with a referral expiry date. For Medicare EPC you just add the number of services and what field the services are for so you can have 3 for Physio and 2 for Psychology attached t the same patient.
DVA as you know has no limits. Referrals are stores as whatever file type you like under the patient name in SCANNED DOCUMENTS and you can sub folder this as you like.

Q: Are Medicare item codes stored in Mediclinic and are these codes automatically inserted on invoices?

We have Products and Services – see diagram. In here you list your service name and then add various fields. You add your BASIC charge which is what you charge a patient for non DVA and Medicare and along the line you set up Private Health code and Medicare and DVA codes for this service. EVEN IF YOU DO NOT place a price in these fields our system uses Medicare ONLINE Claiming so the prices come DIRECT and you are paid DIRECT by DVA or Medicare regardless of price included.

Q: How do Medicare item codes link to appointments/treatments?

If a patient has been allocated an EPC or DVA referral the system sees that and when COMPLETING a booking. EVEN at that time you can elect if the patient chooses to charge that consultation as a PRIVATE consult and save the Medicare items.

Q: Are Medicare and HICAPS related invoices correctly numbered according to requirements of Medicare/ Hicaps?

A:Yes of course and we suppose you mean do they have the item numbers listed? Yes and you can upload your own templates or have ours changed to suit you.

Q: Do you have DVA automatic claiming via the Mediclinic system if not please explain how your Medicare claiming works.

MEDICLINIC is not us. We use Medicare Online Claiming. Medicare Online supports bulk bill and patient claiming, as well as Department of Veterans’ Affairs claims and the transfer of Australian Childhood Immunization Register data. Your practice management software allows you to lodge your patient claims via a secure internet connection. You can find out if online claiming functions are integrated into your vendor’s software. Many of your patients will usually receive their benefit the next working day.

Q: Does Mediclinic record km’s traveled?

We do not have this as DVA no longer pays for this service so we “parked” this feature as it is no longer required. IF REQUIRED, we can re add this in.


Marketing – how to do it from mediclinic


Click Here

I can’t see my notes and Notes are not there

1. Answer:

Booking notes

It seems like they look at notes for a single booking Then they look at notes for another booking for the same patient And the notes from the last booking are not there I think that is what they are saying.

To see notes for all bookings of a patient showing while at the same time entering the current note will require a couple of mouse clicks:

  1. Click on the notes icon that has a plus in the bottum left to open a "floating note" See number 1 in the image below. You will then see a floating note pop up (labelled number 2 in the image below) Don't forget to select if you want the notes to be sent to the referrer or not by choosing if it is a Session note (not sent to referrers) or Referrer note (will be automatically sent to referrers with treatment letters). See number 3 in the image below where to select this.
  2. Now open the patient detail page in another tab - do this by clicking the pop-out link right after the patient name as in the image below labelled number 4.
  3. Go to the patient detail tab that you just opened and the same floating note will already be open there. Scroll down to the bottum to see the booking list. Notes for every booking are shown there (see the next below).

Now you can see all notes for all bookings .. and you can type the new note into the floating box (which you can drag around the screen to wherever it is convenient)

2. Scanned documentsCurrently there is no way to see all scanned documents attached to bookings all in one place. I will put this on the TO-DO list.

For now, it would be better to put all scanned documents for a patient right into that patient's scanned documents page instead of the booking's scanned documents. So instead of clicking on the folder icon in a booking slot, go to the patient detail page and click on the scanned documents link that is attached to the patient instead of attached to the individual bookings (see highlighted in the image below).

Also I would suggest changing the name of the document to include the booking date.

Eg: if the document was called "EPC.pdf" and was going to be attached to a booking on 20/01/2017, you might change the document name to "2017-01-20 EPC.pdf"

In this case, all the scanned documents for that patient will be showing in the one place.

Q: Does Mediclinic record stock items?

A:Yes we do and this is the Link. You can record Stock in the date and who allocated to or a clinic and as it is sold down it reminds you.

Q: Does Mediclinic display and provide a print the claim summary for our practice & the Patient?

This is OLD fashioned and per wastage stuff and we have improved upon this. We provide and INVOICE to the patient detailing Provider numbers, dates, services provided, Item numbers, Clinic address and name etc. We have a Bookings report of the day’s bookings with multiple accesses so you can filter by services, clinics, providers etc. All totaled for you. We even split this down to cash, cheque, HICAPS TYRO, DVA Medicare and private health claims. Reports are printable at any stage.

Q: How do you operate Medicare Easy Claim ? Is it automatic ? If not please explain how this occurs.

Answer: We do not use Easy Claim as it is cumbersome and Medicare ONLINE Claiming is far more efficient as we automate payments adjustments and reports for you. Easy Claim does not. Easy Claim means each and every time you must enter Patient GP referral details and amount, and this is time consuming. With our system the Mediclinic Software records this once you set the patient up and remembers all information for you and does the claiming. All you have to do is COMPLETE the booking by right click on the appointment and hit COMPLETE. If an EPC service, and the patient has a few services and must pay some, our system does an EPC invoice and a PATIENT PAYABLE invoice and you can apply TYRO or insurance claims to that remaining invoice or the patient can actually pay. MUCH EASIER than Easy Claim.

Q: How do you set up referring doctors in Mediclinic?

Answer: We have referrers section in our menus. You set up a Doctor and attach them to a clinic because as you know Provider Numbers are location specific and a GP can be at several clinic locations and you need to attach the correct GP to the patient for claiming. This way our reports which we automate for you got to the correct Doctor. Click Here.

Q: How do you charge a client & submitting a fully, part or unpaid claim to Medicare?

Answer:Our system actually counts down the number of services used by a patient in the EPC referral system. You can see it on the bookings screen as you are treating so all information is there in front of you. The numbers of services remaining for THIS CALENDAR YEAR are displayed.
With our system the Mediclinic Software records this once you set the patient up and remembers all information for you and does the claiming. All you have to do is COMPLETE the booking by right click on the appointment and hit COMPLETE. If an EPC service, and the patient has a few services and must pay some, our system does an EPC invoice and a PATIENT PAYABLE invoice and you can apply TYRO or insurance claims to that remaining invoice or the patient can actually pay. MUCH EASIER than Easy Claims. The system then at 8pm each night sends automated files direct to Medicare (Human Services ) and the next day you receive your money and reports of what is paid, unpaid or adjusted. You also get automated emails.

Q: How do you setup/create a new client file or record?

Answer:You can do this in the patient area, here is the link
You have your docs and files and you attach from your desktop by UPLOADING to the scanned docs of that patient. You record notes (only the Provider can do Patient Treatment notes at any time by the way not just on the day). Admin notes can be applied to the GENERAL patient screen for all people to see and dates added and dates changed and BY WHOM are recorded with full AUDIT TRAILS in every area of the system.

Q: The Mediclinic logo is always in the middle of the screen. Can this be removed a little annoying at times?

Answer:The Mediclinic Logo is visible only on the main Menus page and during secure updates to alert you. Mediclinic is Proprietary software. We prefer not to remove it but if you want, we can but there is a onetime fee of $600 for this as we must re write the development for your site.

Q: Can Mediclinic take a deposit for future sessions and then deduct that amount from a Tyro transaction?

Answer: Yes, easily as we call this Vouchers. The patient comes in and under INVOICES in our software, you click on Voucher and the patient buys a voucher for a given amount. YOU can set an expiry date or allocate a service this is for but if you do not allocate a service then the patient can use this prepaid voucher for ANY service you select at any time. You can even have them as GIFT Vouchers.

Q: How is the referring doctor system set up?

Firstly when you get a NEW Doctor, you add the doctor and attach them to a clinic because a Doctor can work at multiple clinics and Provider numbers are location Specific. You also want automated reports to go to the correct Doctor at the correct clinic. When you have the patient entered you simple click on ADD GP and start to type the GP name and then click Select on the right on and hey presto address provider number everything is attached clearly top see.

Q: Does Mediclinic automatically notify patients of overdue account ? Is this notification via sms or email

Mediclinic Software does automated emails each month but this can be customized for you. We do not at present send SMS but we can add this as it is a great suggestion. We will implement this ASAP. Once implemented you can turn it on and off in WEBSITE SETTINGS so you at all times control message formats, who and what messages and when. The choice is always YOURS.


Q: What Alarm or Alert systems does Mediclinic have? We realize there is a RED Flashing individual alert but is there a “number of approved treatments alarm?

Approved treatment is displayed on the patient file at all times. We also have email alerts see next question. See image below.

Q: How do you cancel a charge?

Simple and easy
REVERSE the Invoice or add adjustment note with or without a reason and ALWAYS the person who it will show who did it and when. What is more, we have added Security. If a person does an invoice or NOTES or cancels or deletes any booking invoice or note, it is always show on the patient record with a small asterisk and hovering over that asterisk shows you who did it and when. What is ore if a provider does any notes and deletes the notes, the ADMIN team gets an email alert with the note attached and a web link so it can be auto reversed. This can never be deleted by anyone.

Q: Does Mediclinic have the option of selling packs (such as a group of 5 or 10 sessions)?

We do not have this service at this stage but it is on our production agenda. There has not been a great demand as we have the Vouchers system which covers this.

Q: Can classes be set up within Mediclinic?

Yes as we did this to assist many Physio based clinics using other software and they only wanted to have one software package. Mind body was commonly used and we have the same features web based all in one. This is done on the patient page and we call this "GROUP BOOKINGS". You just click a time slot and it adds "GROUP BOOKING". Then you can add or have patients who log on themselves with our patient Portal (Online Bookings) and book themselves in to the group class. Patients cannot see who else has booked. Only you can.

Q: Can Mediclinic transfer a deposit from one episode of treatment to another?

A payment is allocated to an invoice at all times and an invoice is allocated to a patient and a service or product provided to a patient. If a person pays you and you apply a payment you can reverse the payment and apply that payment elsewhere. Details will always show what happened in the audit trail. The audit trail here is called All fr Bkng in the invoices Menu and pages.

Q: Can Mediclinic generate Mail out lists?

We have this as part of Letters at this Link and we have 2 types. Marketing to Reefers and Marketing to patients and you can upload files SMS, email Letters or combinations of all and you can write whatever test you prefer. SMS fees and charges do apply.

Q: Can Mediclinic scan and attach client files?

Mediclinic is web-based software – True CLOUD. This being the case you must upload the files (any format of file is acceptable) and then upload that to the system. To protect the data and server from malicious software attaches we store all files on a totally separate server and the client is never aware where that server is located or any file pathway can be retrieved as we do that behind the scenes fully encrypted at any time. NO FILE is EXECUTED on any of our servers so this prevents Trojans and other malicious software from executing onto our servers and blocking or destroying any data. You upload any file format. We store it and when you want that file we send it back as you sent it to us without us opening or looking at it.
We also have additional security measures which are confidential.

Q: What is the procedure for attendance notes and editing attendance notes?

This is entirely up to you how you do this and we are always happy to take on new structures and customize for you at NO CHARGE. At present the provider adds the note to the patient booking at the time of consult or thereafter. These can be added using what appears to you as a Sticky note on the patient record. Grey when nothing and Yellow when there is a note. For Allied Health we have Referrer Notes, Session notes and Body Chart Notes all in tabs. It is really easy to use and see. For Primary Care we have more detailed notes as there are Scans, X-rays, radiology, Treatment and progress notes as well as many more and Prescriptions too with MIMS Integration.

Q: Does Mediclinic have SMS template set up?

Yes and you can customise any message you desire up to 160 characters per message to comply with SMS sending format criteria.

Q: Does Mediclinic have the option of adding amount of stock/inventory ?

Yes, we do and this is our Link. You can record Stock in the date and who allocated to or a clinic and as it is sold down it reminds you.

Q: How are recalls set up in Mediclinic? Can they be selected by date? Can they be selected by reason?

We do this in our Letters Menu and under here we have RECALL as an option. You can select by how long since the last appointment, referral not used or expired. If you want a reason we can add that at no fee but let us know what you would like. All recall letters you can customise at any time at this link and upload the letter. WE WILL always be here to support included in our Software subscription monthly fee.
Letters Recall and Letters Here!

Q: How to send reminder letter?

To view them:

  1. Go to the products & services page
  2. Click link at top of page Show / Hide Search & Settings
  3. Sort by clicking on column heading link Reminder Letter Months Later To Send
  4. Click it again to sort backwards
Then this will be shown (see image below)

Anywhere months later to send = 0 … it will be sent within the next 24 hours after an appointment.
However, when there is no letter set (indicated by blank field in the next column also marked in red), then there is no letter selected to send (most likely it was deleted) So there is no letters being sent for these.
They might want to update those if they want letters emailed to patients after those appointment types. Note that only letters of type Reminder are selectable, so if they make a new letter to send, they should set it as a Reminder letter.

Q: How can I access My Medicare or DVA reports? How long do you keep the Medicare old DVA reports? What can I do with these? How do I get advised or Medicare or DVA payments?

We are pleased to announce that we now have a more detailed search system for MEDICARE and DVA payments and a full history of payments going back to July 1st 2015.
In $ tab you will now see MEDICARE reports and you can select a date range. There are EXCEPTION REPORTS. These show WHY a payment was changed or rejected by MEDICARE. If you do not use our reception services you will need to look at each claim and either finalize the issue or fix the issue as an email is sent for each one needing your attention. USE THE CLAIM NUMBER to search the claim to make your changes.
Each day you will receive 2 reports. Exception reports showing anything needing attention and Payment reports where you can check each payment to your bank.
Please call MEDICARE if you have any payment missing as we cannot and do not control what MEDICARE pays you. Call us if you need assistance AT ANY TIME.
We are also adding a TO DO LIST where these items and MANY MORE new alerts and messages will be featured. You can also have notes for follow ups and LOTS more. This will be released in a few weeks as will ONLINE FORMS for patients to complete and SECURE REPORTS SENDING. Enjoy the new features
The MEDICARE reports will be there for ever for your products.

Q: What is TYRO HealthPoint?

Tyro HealthPoint is an EFTPOS and health fund claiming solution tailored to allied health providers. Tyro HealthPoint uses up-to-date technology to integrate using your practice network with Mediclinic. Integration means that all payment and claiming information is sent directly from Mediclinic to the Tyro terminal. There are no re-keying errors, so payment and claiming become streamlined, and reconciliation is fast and easy.

Q: How does Tyro HealthPoint work?

Tyro is the direct provider of debit, credit, and EFTPOS acquiring services. Tyro delivers Health Fund claiming services via a gateway access service to the Health Funds that is provided by CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation).

Q: What is the Health Fund coverage of Tyro HealthPoint ?

Tyro HealthPoint covers 98% of the private health insured population.* *(Private Health Insurance Ombudsman (PHIO) 2012-13 Annual Report) Tyro HealthPoint covers the following health funds: Medibank, BUPA, HCF, HBF, NIB, AHM, Australian Unity, Teachers Health Fund, UniHealth, GMHBA, Frank, Defence Health, CBHS, WestFund, Healthguard, GMF, Latrobe, HIF, CUA, Peoplecare, RT Health, TUH, Navy Health, Police Health, Queensland Country Health, ACA Health Benefits, onemedifund, RACT, Budget Direct Health, health.com.au.

Q:Do I need to change banks before starting TYRO?

It doesn’t matter who you bank with, Tyro instructs payment of funds into any named Australian transaction bank account.

Q: Do I need a special internet service for my terminal?

No, you can connect your terminal to your practice internet service.

Q: How do I apply for Tyro HealthPoint?

Application is a two-step process:

  • You will need to fill out Tyro EFTPOS Banking Application form.
  • You will also be provided with a Provider Registration form which will allow you to claim electronically with the Health Funds.

Q: Is there a fixed or minimum term contract?

No. With Tyro HealthPoint there is no lock in contract. There are also no cancellation fees, no administration fees, no setup fees, no exit fees, no chargeback fees and no paper roll fees.

Q: How long does it take to receive my Tyro terminal after the acceptance of my application form?

Tyro will ship your terminal within seven business days of processing your application. If you have not received your terminal within a reasonable amount of time, please call Tyro Customer Support.

Q: How do I install my terminal?

Once your terminal arrives, just plug it into power and connect via Ethernet cable to your practice internet. Call us to activate and we will help you pair your terminal with Mediclinic.

Q: Do the cables I need come with the terminal?

Yes, you receive both the power cable and an Ethernet cable with your terminal.

Q: How does the terminal connect to my Mediclinic workstation?

The terminal connects via your practice internet to your Mediclinic workstation. There is no cable required between the terminal and your Mediclinic workstation.

Q: Can I link one terminal to multiple Mediclinic workstations?

Yes, you can setup multiple Mediclinic workstations and pair them with a single Tyro terminal.

Q: What is the fee structure for Tyro HealthPoint?

There is:

  • a monthly terminal rental fee• a monthly service fee for claiming access to Health Funds
  • a merchant fee on credit and debit transactions Merchant fees are dependent on your transaction volume and are outlined on your application form. A member of the Tyro team will guide you through and discuss all the fees relevant to your business.

There are:

  • no cancellation fees
  • no administration fees
  • no setup fees
  • no exit fees
  • no charge back fees
  • no paper roll fees.

Q: When will I see EFTPOS payments and Health Fund payments in my bank account?


  • For EFTPOS (debit and credit card transactions), Tyro instructs payment at 10am on the second banking day following the date the transaction is processed. Then it depends on the practice’s transaction bank, when it makes the instructed payment available as disposable funds. Typically that is the same day (T+2) for primary banks. Secondary banks may take a day longer.
  • For Health Fund transactions, some funds instruct payment two banking days from transaction day, and some consolidate payments on a weekly basis.

Q: Does Tyro HealthPoint settle Health Fund payments the same way that HICAPS does?

Depending on your health fund, there are two ways that Health Fund payments are settled

  • The following Health Funds settle directly into your bank account: Medibank, BUPA, HCF, NIB, Australian Unity, Defence Health, CBHS, WestFund, Healthguard, GMF, RT Health.
  • The following Health Funds allow CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation) to consolidate settlement into your bank account on their behalf: HBF, AHM, GMHBA, Frank, RACT, Latrobe, HIF, CUA, Peoplecare, TUH, Navy Health, Police Health, ACA Health Benefits, onemedifund, UniHealth, Budget Direct Health, Teachers Health Fund, Queensland Country Health, health.com.au.

Q: What if my practice internet fails?

There is built-in 3G failover capability for EFTPOS transactions, so your payments should not be interrupted. Health Fund claiming will not be available if your practice internet fails. The patient will need to claim directly with their Health Fund.

Q: Can my terminal work in standalone mode if Mediclinic is not available?

Yes, if Mediclinic is not available, your terminal will work in standalone EFTPOS mode (for debit and credit card payment). Please note that even in standalone mode, the terminal will need to be connected to the internet via your practice internet or 3G. Health Fund claiming requires Mediclinic to be available. If Mediclinic is not available, the patient will need to claim directly with their Health Fund.

Q: What are Tyro Customer Support hours of operation?

Tyro Customer Support is based in Australia and operates 365 days a year. They are available 24/7 but their main hours of operation are 7am -7pm EAST. An on-call person operates outside these hours. On the rare occasion that your call is not immediately answered, you will reach an answering service and receive a call-back as soon as possible.

Q: How do you set up new staff within TYRO?

We do not set TYRO up with staff. However TYRO is a bank and like HICAPS if you wish to have PRIVATE HEALTH CLAIMS lodged through. TYRO they require under law certain forms including your Medicare Provider number registration forms. TYRO will work for all you for Debit Credit and other cards without staff set ups but you need to be registered with TYRO just like a bank does but TYRO make it easier. TYRO or TYRO FORMS

Q: Can I access Mediclinic using my mobile device?

Yes. Mediclinic is a mobile device friendly and will work just as well in a desktop, a tablet, or a smart phone. Same security and operational features apply in web and mobile.

Q: What do you do when the internet is down or not working?

As we are a TRUE CLOUD solution we need internet as everything is LIVE.What you can do is use your mobile phone and other device you are using and access the MEDICLINIC Data Portal this way.

Q: Will I encounter issues using other browser except for Mozilla Firefox?

Yes, there is a possibility that you might encounter issues using other browsers.Our system is using the highest form of security the internet provides, the same level NASA uses and what happens is that some browsers for example, Google Chrome copy the data and we block any copying for your protection. Also, there are times that Browsers change their protocol and we don’t know about it unless you tell us what’s going on, but we will fix that for you in 5 minutes (if we haven’t already done so)

Q: How to set up Email to and from addresses?

You can now have files and letters and documents sent to you and from you by setting up your email address in MEDICLINIC SOFTWARE using our Special FAX service which is fully automated.
Here is how:
If you go into “Site & Settings” => “Website Settings” you will see 2 items there which you can set Email – From Name and Email – From Email (pt emails sent from this address). Also if you want to send to a FAX NUMBER this is the email address you type in when asked to when sending a letter or patient note manually and not in any printed batch run.Simply follow this instruction.
So if you are sending to 03 9947 1955 you would do this…
0399471955@faxallpages.com MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS USE THE FULL AREA CODE when sending please.
If you want to RECEIVE from your partners / referrers to your email address call us and for $9.00 (plus gst) per month we can set up your private FAX RECEIVE number as well so all FAXES will be forwarded to YOUR EMAIL no more paper falling on the floor or getting lost or chewed by nasty machines that use lots of ink!

Q: How to make an upload letter?

Have you made your letterhead as yet? If not see LETTERHEAD – how to make one Once you have the letter format you want here is what to do.OPEN WORD. Type the letter you want to use to upload or send out to Doctors or Patients. We have some uploaded you can play with.Open your MEDICLINIC program and click on the menu LETTERS – Maintain Letters. Then to the right is SHOW/HIDE fields. Click on this and you can see all the various computer fields you can use. These are used so the program calls on whatever information is required.When doing your letter choose the field you require by copy (ctrl+C on your computer keyboard.)In WORD click on the TOP MENU BAR next to HOME where it says INSERT. Click on INSERT then over to the right there is QUICK PARTS (next to WordArt).
ONLY USE THE FIELDS in the letters area relating to the Letter type. There are 2 sets – Letter Fields and INVOICE fields.You CAN NOT change the Invoice Table or nothing will print.Click on Quick parts then select in the drop down menu field clicking only ONCE on Field. Then type in MERGE. To the right you will see a white box where you type called FIELD NAME. This is where you PASTE the name you just copied from Mediclinic. Using your keyboard hit control V (paste)MAKE CERTAIN that after you insert the Field name, you hit ENTER or RETURN on your keyboard. We have no idea why, but MS word insists on this or the field will not be auto populated in a merge if this is not done. You can then hit backspace AFTER this process … Silly we know but we write Mediclinic not Word.Then continue with this process making your letters.
IF YOU MAKE ANY MISTAKE CHOOSING THE WRONG FIELD NAME – make sure you DELETE and start the process again for copying and pasting using QUICK PARTS. DO NOT cheat because Word will not use the field names if you just copy and paste from Mediclinic. Word MAKES you use Quick Parts or you will get incorrect information.

Q: Can I use my own Templates Letter?

Yes, it doesn’t matter because you have the freedom to select which letterhead you want for each letter and you can upload as many letters as you like.

Q: Can these Templates have fields populated by the Software on my letter?

Yes it will automatically do by the system, e.g. Patient name, referrer, addresses etc. We can also customize the design of the letter, the font size, style and other things. Just let us know what you want and we will do it for free or you can do it yourself.

Q: How to transfer Data to Mediclinic?

You can transfer or import data to Mediclinic via excel or CSV file format with no additional cost. You can do it via a USB or we can access via Dropbox or FTP server integration which we do for you.
If you don’t have the data in excel or CSV format, you can send it to us via word file format and we will input the data manually to the system with a small fee. The fastest way to Transfer data to Mediclinic is through FTP (File transfer Protocol). It is a standard network protocol use to transfer computer files from one host to another host over a TCP (transfer control protocol) – based network such as the Internet.

Q: How to do group booking?

This is how to do a group booking without any fee being charged to the client or If you want a fee charged then select a service with the relevant fee.Go to the booking sheet on the day and time you want to have the group booking.
Select the service for the group booking.Go to the time-slot and left click and choose MAKE BOOKING. YOU DO NOT need to have a special service named group booking because if no patient is selected, the booking will automatically become a group booking.Then to add people to that booking do these steps Click on GROUP BOOKING and ADD patients Add as many as you like and this can be done right up until you complete the booking. Complete the Group booking when done.Using the INLINE EDIT on the patient line you can change the service or ADD extras to the bill for that patient.
Then complete and it’s done.Remove any patient that failed to attend or cancelled and you can either bill or not bill them.

Q: Please clarify the different levels of access between a Provider/Principal/Admin/Master Admin?

Provider - is a person who can do a patient booking and NOTE and our system bills per provider. Functions such as finances and statistics are limited and can be limited. They can be restricted to see only their patients at the clinic they work at.
Principal - is a person in charge of a group of Providers and can see all bookings of all providers.
Admin can see all and book for any clinics and any patients – We are adding extra admin user functions where YOU will have a choice of what they can see because at present they can see NOTES and this will be a limited feature in a new version we are working on.
Master Admin - sets users and what they can and cannot do and sees everything.They set up staff and passwords and allocate to clinics, website settings where you change what happens with SMS email and so forth.

Q: Will Mediclinic be compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 and Ms Edge?

We have tested our site thus far in what Microsoft has released for developers in Edge and Windows 10 and so far so good.

Q: How do I export my saved and scanned documents to another software?

With Mediclinic we store your scanned and saved files to a separate server for YOUR SECURITY. If you close or decide in some event to go with another software provider, we can export all of your files to Dropbox, Google USB or many other mediums so that the files in the EXACT SAME FORMAT you uploaded to our servers, are sent back to you intact.Many pother software companies do not do this and we strongly urge you to ask questions about exporting YOUR DATA and scanned files.

Q: How to change Hours of a practitioner in the diary?

Go to the Clinic's Menu. It is HERE you can select the times this clinic operates as well.Then select the CLINIC you want to change the Hours that the Practitioner will work at this clinic Click on the STAFF in the right hand side and click on EDIT.
Then select the staff name then click on INLINE EDIT and select which day the staff member works.

Q: How to see all invoices attached to a patient?

Anything patient-sentric can be found from the Patient detail page. Click on a patient name to get to the Patient detail page. In the patient detail, click on the “View Invoices” link. Done. The Patient detail page has links to just about everything patient-specific

  • all voices for that patient
  • all bookings in a list for that patient
  • all ordered items for that patient
  • all letters printed for that patient
  • all providers seen by that patient
  • all clinics seen by that patient
  • all bookings of that patient with all notes and so on…/li>
  • lots of other patient-specific stuff (vouchers, referrals, credit card & etc..

Q: How to make REBOOKING UNSEEN patients in aged care?

In Aged Care, when a booking is COMPLETED, there is now a menu item to RE BOOK Patients not SEEN. Click on that and it will show a screen to choose a time. Pick a time slot, and when chosen, all patients not seen in the first completed booking will auto be selected in the new booking.

Q: How do I see what Invoices are paid DVA and Medicare

You can go to ALL INVOICES at this link.

Enter a date range (we suggest you just change the date to one year back. You can also select UNPAID and DVA and Medicare or filter here as you need.
Then you can see what is outstanding. If you are a PREMIUM customer we will reclaim things for you. If not you will need to see why your invoices are unpaid and fix the issue.

If you need DVA reason explanations try this link from DVA

Medicare reasons here
Look at the 3 digit reason codes

Now you can also go to this link in our software to see what has been paid and what has been rejected. It is the $ sign and choose Medicare / DVA Reports. Here you will see what is paid and what is not paid and why not

Q: Can all practitioner see every service to make bookings?

The short answer is no as services are specific to a profession.
Physio services to physio and so forth. So podiatry cannot see these services unless you allocate admin rights to the provider IN ADDITION. This is done at the staff menu

Q: How do I set reclaimable items up when they have been Rejected

When Medicare or DVA rejects anything and it is a NEW item rejection you will get an email from our system automated.

It will say go to Letters With a link and tell you to set as Reclaim OR NOT.

If the Invoice is not set to reclaim the PATIENT will be charged.

You have to decide what to reclaim and what NOT to reclaim.

Every practice has different policies on whether or not to charge a patient so we let you decide.

When you get an automated Email advising you can set tom reclaim or not you go to this link
Letters. Maintain Letters https://portal.mediclinic.com.au/Letters_MaintainV2.aspx?org=0

Then you find the NEW Item number the system sets up automatically and you set the second last column as reclaim. This is where you decide what is reclaimable or not.

ON A PATIENT FILE where an invoice has already been raised you click on VIEW INVOICE from the patient file. Find the patient and look at the bookings with an outstanding invoice.

Then click on
Show/Hide Medicare/DVA Rejected

Then click on the Adjustment Notes

Then you can see the adj note number and at the end you can see REVERSE. Click on reverse and the invoice is reclaimable again IF YOU SET IT AS SUCH

The system will attend to this for you and reclaim when correctly set.


Q: RECLAIMING Medicare and DVA invoices
I have invoices I want to reclaim and I want to know how

Once Invoices have been rejected and you have not set up RECLAIM in the MAINTAIN LETTERS area, all invoices will be generated to THE PATAIENT because DVA rejected them and the rejection code was not set as RECLAIMABLE.

You will need to go one by one and reverse each invoice from the PATIENT FILE area. Click on the Invoice and SHOW DVA MEDCIARE rejected invoices. Then click on the ADJ NOTE number and click on reverse.

The other way to do this is to go to the actual booking screen and click on the COMPLETED booking and click on REVERSE and it will set the patient booking / appointment as unpaid and you can then complete and recharge to DVAA or Medicare as needed. BUT look at the REASON (rejection code) before you reclaim so you know WHY and what to do to rectify this.

If we can help let us know.

Q: I am in a different time zone how will my dates show.

In the settings page below the site name and email addresses, there is now a time zone dropdown list.

Tell that person to go to the settings page and change it to Brisbane time or whatever state you are in in the dropdown (and hit the update button below to save it), and then the booking arrived time will be correct.

Also, please tell them that if there is anywhere else in the system where the time is not correct, can they please let us know so we can update that also.

Q: INTERNET DOWN What do I do?

There are 3 options for this.

  • Option 1 - You can have ONE provider signed up for our PREMIUM SERVICE so we set up a telephone and fax number for you. When you know there will be a power outage or internet down, say for example, when there is STORM or weather even (you may be in Sunny Queensland one day and Cyclone the next!). You can DIVERT your telephone numbers to us and we can take the calls for you UNDER YOUR CLINIC NAME so patients will not know.
  • OPTION 2 - OR just divert to our main MEDICLINIC SOFTWARE NUMBER where we can explain that calls are being diverted due to an unforeseen event. AND we can call you, email you or fax you of bookings and changes. HOWEVER, this way patients can still change and book in so you never miss out.
  • OR OPTION 3 - Take a printout of all patients data in Clinics and take a bookings snapshot. You can print one out by going to clinics, Bookings List and print and do that for a few days and you will never be left without knowing what to do. https://portal.mediclinic.com.au/BookingsListV2.aspx?org=1751

When you transfer your phones to us and we take all calls for you per day.

Q: Should we ever need to go to another system, how easy and expensive it would be to move/export data?

There will soon be an EXPORT of all data in the site enabled y the user – YOU. There is a small fee for this as it is a lot of programming.
Right now we can do it in EXCEL or CSV formats. These are formats most required by other systems

Q: Is there a facility of create an offline archive? (i.e. encrypted, physical secure location)?

Yes there is. There is a fee as this is an extra service as per point one.
It will be $50.00 per month

Q: What data export options does the software give us?

At present data export is all patients with all bookings. All financials. All providers and history. You can use this information to import to financial software HOWEVER there will soon be direct linkages to many other systems. We are integrating with ARGUS, Medical Objects, XERO and others

Q: 4. For business continuity we should have a plan on how we would keep our clinic running without access to Mediclinic for some reason i.e. cyclone taking out data communications. Would you have any advice on this please. Same thing will apply to TYRO

The system is CLOUD based so it requires INTERNET. If there are outages of power and telephony in your area then you will be down then you cannot access your internet systems. WE WOULD SUGGEST in times of storms to PRINT a weekly list of all patient bookings and you can always keep an EXCEL file of all patients so you can make appointments in the excel sheet and when you have power restored you can upload this. OR IF YOU REALLY want to secure yourself you can DIVERT your number to US and we can take all bookings for you and explain due to storm activity the bookings are coming to us. That way everything is functioning for you.

THIS IS OUR PREMIUM service but we are in Business to help business so in adverse advents we can assist you. HOWEVER the clients – Yours – in this circumstance would hear us answering MEDICLINIC as we would not have a PREMIUM number set for you but we can explain the situation which may be better than not knowing what’s happening. We can email and fax you updated bookings. THERE IS NO OTHER SOFTWARE COMPANY doing this service.

Q: When can we expect Tyro to come online?

TYRO is dependant upon when they process YOUR application. You need to log on here and advise TYRO. Once you have the terminal we need to PAIR the terminal to our software which takes a few minutes. IT IS IMPORTANT you advise staff that TYRO uses internet cookies and this means if you use FIREFOX or CHROME as your browser then want to use another browser the terminal must be re paired to that browser. It is not site paired but INTERNET BROWSER paired

Q: How do I email invoices to different people?

Simply just add the email addresses to the patient profile.

It's easy

Rejected invoices what to do

Question: I am seeing a whole heap of rejected invoices and it says RE-INVOICE. What do I do?

Answer: When it is sitting in REJECTED and asks you what do you want to do…. it is at this stage you go to LETTERS and set that reject code to RECLAIMABLE if you want to reclaim and try again.
Otherwise you just click REINVOICE and it will re-invoice the patient. IF a reclaim option was set for the reject code it will auto reclaim that night to Medicare. IF NO RECLAIM OPTION SET the patient will get the invoice

Question: Should it then show up in the invoices as the debtor being DVA/medicare not the persons name or not until the system reprocesses it?

Answer: It will alweays show as the PATINET nbame as the debtor once rejected and when you reclaim it will then set to DVA or Medicare

Question: Also there are quite a few that get code 129 for the rejection, which I believe is there hasn’t been an initial consult, but when I look back through invoices we have claimed for an initial consult within the last 4 or 5 mths? Could it not be detecting this for some reason?

Answer: We are not sure why these were rejected when you claimed an initial consult.
We would suggest you reclaim an initial consult and try again.


Ability to see client ADRESS, PHONE NUMBER, ANY NOTES on their appointment view.

You will be able to print off from CLINICS, view the clinic and click on BOOKINGS


The only way is to have REGIONS set up as a clinic .You could set NORTH as a CLINIC and then attach here NORTH AREA patient to This clinic and you will always know. We do not charge for clinics on providers and she can have every clinic – NTH STH WEST EAST all showing on same day and see all patients in that region.No other software can do what we can.

To see ALL CLINICS o the one day got to this link CLINICS LIUST and tick the check boxers for what clinics she wants and then everything will show https://portal.mediclinic.com.au/SelectOrganisationsV2.aspx

TYRO TERMINAL – Pairing required


Get the TYRO terminal PAIRED with our software. There are a few steps and its easy BUT CALL US and we walk you through it

We have to speak to you and pair the terminal and there are a few steps. IF you use CHROME and then change to FIREFOX or something else we need to pair it again.

The Terminal works on COOKIES and needs to also pair to the WEB BROWSER you use

Questionnaire Forms - Online Forms and Email Forms


Part 1 - Creating and Uploading a Form

Form will be modified before it is uploaded

  1. Anywhere that a user will require a single line answer to type into, you must put in

  2. Anywhere that a user will require a multi-line answer to type into, you must put in

  3. Anywhere that a user will require a checkbox answer, you must put in


These will be converted to textboxes, text areas, and checkboxes when the patient loads the document in their browser.
See this sample document and this page the patient will see to understand more clearly.
Once you have done this, you can upload the file (hit 'browse' then 'upload').

Part 2 - Using a Form

Once the file is uploaded, there are 2 ways it can be sent to patients

  1. The lower section of the page can be used to select a specific patient to send a particular form to.
    This is not automated and must be done by an admin for a patient.
  2. The other way is to have a form automatically sent out for every NEW patient to fill out. To do this, in the top section, set a form as Initial.
    Once this is done, whenever any new patient has their first ever booking entered into the system, they will have that form sent to them to be filled out.
    If you would then like to not have any initial form automatically sent any more, click the Remove link below the green tick so that there is no "initial" form.

In both of the above situations, the patient will get an email saying

Hi (firstname),

Please click this link to fill out a questionnaire for your upcoming appointment.

Don't forget to click the submit button at the bottom of the page after filling out the form.


When they click on that link, the document will be opened in their browser.

As per the email sent to them, at the bottum of the document there is a big submit button for them to press, which will:

  1. Convert the file to PDF and upload it to the patient scanned documents (in a sub directory called "Forms"); and
  2. It will email master admin to notify them, and also gives them a direct link to that patient's scanned documents sub-directory containing the filled forms

To see information about all forms sent to a patient, go to the patient detail page there are now links just below the scanned documents links and letters links to

  1. Send Form (link to the admin page to send a form to this patient)
  2. Sent History Log (view log of forms sent with date sent, date filled out, etc)
  3. Filled Form Files (go to the completed forms page to download)

To change the admin email address that the "form filled notification" email is sent to, please see the "Website Settings" page located in the "Site & Settings" menu group.

If you need any help at all, please feel free contact us. We are here to help.

WHAT IF I RECLAIM and also add another RECLAIM an invoice


  1. When you get an email from our system that an invoice is rejected NEW DVA or NEW Medicare ITEM you must go to the MAINTAIN LETTERS at this link and set that item to either RECLAIM or not do anything.
  2. https://portal.mediclinic.com.au/Letters_MaintainV2.aspx?org=0
  3. If you set the item number at the Maintain letters page as RECLAIM then you can fix the issue with that claim and reclaim and it will go to Medicare or DVA
  4. If you do not do anything and you hit RECLAIM it will invoice the PATIENT
  5. If you do not fix the issue then you will consistently have reclaim after reclaim.
  6. What will happen if you allow the reclaim or reinvoice function and it bills the patient is you get a bill to the patient so if you decide to fix the booking and reclaim you will have 2 invoices and this is happening