Mediclinic Features

The Mediclinic Benefits

The most complete medical clinic software solution available


Accessible anywhere in the world via the internet

Being Web Based means your clinic is within your reach, anywhere in the world and anytime you need access to it, from any computer and a browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome). Your data is securely hosted in Australia with state of the art database security, as we want to ensure that your information is protected as much as possible.

Backups of all data is performed every 15 minutes and secured offsite, in addition to a further three Secure data centres, including the Amazon data centre in Sydney. We understand the value and importance of your information, so we ensure it’s safe, encrypted and backed up, so you would never be left without it.

Our software in conjunction with Medicare Online claiming, means you can more easily manage your patients Medicare and DVA services online and receive your payments for services rendered faster.

Claim payment times are solely at the discretion of Medicare.
Specified times are the average processing and payment times.

DVA & Medicare Online Claiming

Claimed same day and fully AUTOMATED ONLINE, from your screen

With our Online Claiming there are:

  • No Medicare EasyClaim issues, no swiping cards through a terminal or waiting while the system is down or offline
  • Faster claims processing with stored patient information (including Medicare details), automatic notification of new card numbers, expired services, remaining numbers of Medicare services and DVA service notifications (including oversubscribed services and remaining eligible consultations per year)
  • Faster payments of Medicare claims which are usually paid next business day and DVA payments usually within 48 hours (including any claimed extra services)

We are here to support you

You don't need to worry about being left with a question on what to do or how to use Mediclinic Software.

We support you in 3 countries:

12 Hours a Day

6 Days a Week

Have multiple practitioners in more than 1 location?

Our system lets you access your clinic from anywhere, anytime. Only those practitioners working at that site on that day are shown. NO overbooking or confusion. It’s easy, and made to be usable by everyone.

Easy, Efficient, Yet Flexible

Easy to use, yet so functional that you can manage your entire clinic with it in a breeze

Our software has been specifically developed to be used by professionals in a busy practice where costs are soaring and profits are being driven lower. We keep paperwork streamlined and automated so everyday but IMPORTANT tasks such as letters to Doctors are AUTOMATED with YOUR practice notes. Freeing up your time to do more pressing tasks. You can be your own receptionist with a diary / booking screen that is easy to read, use on a daily basis and allow you to perform all your tasks in a simple click of the mouse.

Expanded Aged Care Module – Live and Exclusive

Provide services to Aged Care Home with this full Aged Care Home package


A separate/additional module to the standard clinic software, this will help you manage your Allied Health Services within the Aged Care Industry.

It will help you:

  • Ensure the same provider is not overlapped into a clinic and aged care home on the same day at the same time
  • Know who you are getting paid for the next day and how much
  • Provide full Allied Health DVA claim support and claiming
  • Online claiming – Medicare and DVA Claims, Payment Received within 48 hours of claim being sent, usually by the next business day into YOUR bank account

A robust and simple addition to the Mediclinic package that has been in use and tested for several years in a number of allied health clinics that specifically provide a large number of services to the Aged Care industry.

  • Financial system that makes it easy to create and manage Medicare and DVA claims as well as clinic invoices
  • Allows you to extract financial reports into an Excel file and manage your finances with ease
  • Automated letter system – no more hassles writing to patients or EPC Medicare letters to your GP’s
  • Create as many letters as you want customized to how you want

Mediclinic Functions and Standard Features

We Believe you will not find a better designed Practice Management Solution available for Health

With our years of experience working and developing Mediclinic Software direct with clinics themselves, understanding what they need and use in everyday clinic management, Mediclinic Software offers the most complete clinic management solution available. Mediclinic features are exhaustive and already provide everything you need to manage your clinic, however we don’t like to sit still and we are always looking at ways to provide even more functionality to help you manage your clinic. Our upcoming Aged Care Module will add another dimension to your clinic managing abilities above and beyond what we already provide.

Products and Services Functions

  • Financials and associated reports for EFTPOS, HICAPS, EPC Claims, Medicare, DVA, Cash sales including Invoices, Credit Notes and Receipts
  • Full financial reporting capabilities and functions (everything you need)
  • Staff Commission allocation
  • Invoices and receipts reports
  • Complete and locate: incomplete, deleted and finalized bookings by date (range)
  • Automatic system generated compliance letters or manually create your input letters
  • Print batch letters, reprint letters by referrer, patient or date (range)
  • View and print service specific booking reminder letters: Outstanding and completed (history)
  • SMS and email reminders: history, system generated reminders for birthdays and other greetings and remaining SMS credit balance

Existing Admin Function


  • Staff: List, Add, Manage Members
  • User Logins
  • Cost Centres
  • Organizations
  • Clinics List (Multi Clinic Practices)



  • Clinics: Manage, Edit, Add
  • Facilities: List, Manage, Add
  • Medical Practices
  • Statistics
  • Patients: List, Add, Edit, Change, Search



  • Referrers: Add, Amend, Edit, Change
  • Referrer EPC Letters: Auto, Create, Email, Send and Reprint
  • Letters: Automatic, Manual and Templates
  • Bookings: Search, Create, Add, Change, List, Reports and Services
  • Service Offering: Edit, Adjust Pricing for Medicare, DVA and Reports


39 More benefits of Mediclinic Software

  • The only web based AUSTRALIAN SOFTWARE with DVA AND MEDICARE Online Claiming.
  • CLOUD computing – WEB BASED and SECURE
  • Know where YOUR data is at all times (unlike most cloud systems)
  • DEDICATED database. Your DATA is not shared in one database as it is in other systems
  • Most web systems put all your patient data into the one database. We do not
  • DVA and MEDICARE ONLINE – claim the SAME DAY, no paper claim forms required
  • EASY TO USE – we asked people who cannot use computers to help with the development
  • SUPPORTED locally and internationally 6 days a week – 12 hours a day
  • AFFORDABLE – a reasonable price for a fully integrated system to run your practice
  • We offer back office services – save time and money – cut your costs & increase your profit
  • Local call cost for all support, NO MATTER where you are
  • NO discs or downloads for updates – they are automatic online – seamless & ongoing
  • Recall, marketing, information and various other letter functions
  • Scan in EPC and other referrals to the patient file. Letters recorded and kept forever and never lost
  • Automated letters to save you time and to ensure FULL MEDICARE compliance
  • Comprehensive reports and letters WHICH YOU CREATE and choose & invoices / receipts
  • Automated email for letters and patient reminders
  • Microsoft Office compatible for all letters and reports
  • Easy payment options – no yearly fee
  • Free to leave with your data any time
  • Designed with Ease of Use in mind – Everything is JUST A CLICK or a tap of the tablet/phone
  • Complete historical charts and history for all events entered
  • ALL reports and histories can be exported to Microsoft Excel
  • Secure SSL encrypted log on
  • Customizable reports and invoice formats
  • Multi-clinic and multi provider compatible
  • View multiple clinics appointments for one day on the one booking screen, to offer your patients the best times
  • Simple colour coding for an easy visual representation of the days events
  • No running out of disc space or expensive upgrades or SYSTEM DOWN times
  • No need for expensive servers, software or IT people to support you
  • Click once to see details of patients, Doctors and what you have done
  • Audit trail of all data. See who did what and when and all additions, deletions and updates on screen
  • Made an accidental deletion? No worries, you can always recover, as nothing is permanently deleted. Move / change / delete a booking without worry
  • SMS reminders at affordable prices. Set these for a week before (rebook / cancellations) & 24 hrs before
  • Recall, marketing, information and various other letter functions
  • Patient reporting customization, so you can email or post reports according to how the Doctor or you prefer– as well as after each treatment or as required. We have so many options to use and you can have them all
  • Medicare reporting is automated for the FIRST and LAST treatment using a template you set or using your treatment notes – YOU CHOOSE
  • Reception less clinic if you choose – you can do it all on your desk with a few easy clicks
  • A fully Integrated Practice Management system giving you EVERYTHING you can think of

Products and Services Functions

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