Privacy and Data

We promise that all data is safely stored in Australia on Australian hosted servers at all times. Currently we use Australian Government approved Data centres in Sydney – Microsoft Azure. This is in compliance with Defense Signal Directorate instructions now in use for CLOUD services meeting the highest of HIGH standards for data security.

SAFELY stored means the use of highest available encryption software as defined by industry standards. Currently this is known as EV-A certificate encryption. We currently use DIGICERT

Privacy Policy and How we manage your data

Mediclinic Software Pty Ltd is an Australian company providing software solutions to Medical Practices and Medical Services and Health Professionals.

Mediclinic Software Pty Ltd also uses the services of other companies and entities in managing this software which is CLOUD based. Some of those companies are associated with the Australian Company Mediclinic Software Pty Ltd but may be based overseas.
At all times, all data held stored or managed by us in our data bases is managed and supervised under the strict rules and regulations of the relevant country. These countries operate with the same guidelines for data and Privacy as Australia and we are permitted to store data there as BACKUPS under these Australian rules.

In Australia, we are under Australian Government rules and laws and we abide by those rules always. We only store and manage data under these rules and in accordance with the Privacy Principles under law.

In Europe, UK, USA and any country where we operate we also comply with or exceed the laws of those respective countries. We are not interested in selling or using your data you place with us in trust and we respect that and we do everything we can to ensure that data is always protected often exceeding requirements set by Government or other bodies. The data we store for you has encryption exceeding Government requirements and we exceed the high levels used by Australian Banks, as we go further to secure information from everyone and to protect everyone.

Where we hold our data and where we back up our data is always in a country on servers that also comply with Australian Government regulations and Privacy Policies.

For your peace of mind, we will never have data stored in any place, country or server that that does not comply with the highest safety, privacy and security standards.

At all times, we never share this data or information with any company, body or person unless it is required by law, or instructed under a court or Government directive. If possible and permitted, before we hand over any information we will advise you first.

The data we hold is only used in a way so that you the user of our software may manage your business for the benefit of your patients or clients. We do not interfere in this process.

We are a Software as a Service model and we have no interest in your data other than providing a service so you may perform your business duties in a legal manner.

To keep our Privacy Policy SIMPLIFIED, we do not use any data or information for any purpose whatsoever other than in the performance and duty of providing a service to you or your clients or patients in a legal and secure manner.

No data is on-sold or used for marketing in any way. WE RESPECT SECURITY AND PRIVACY at all times.

By agreeing to the use of our software it is also your responsibility to ensure the security of passwords, usernames and log ins at all times of all your users and staff and people you authorize to use the software we provide.

You also agree that in allowing us to maintain this data for you that at times we may use our associated services to perform these functions for you both within and out of the country in which you operate our software but at all times complying with the Australian Laws or the laws of the country in which we provide the software services to you.

We will always exceed the HIGHEST standards of the country setting the highest standards at all times.


We store all our data on Microsoft AZURE datacentres

In Australia – Microsoft AZURE Data Centres – Sydney and Melbourne
In NORTHERN Europe – Netherlands – Microsoft Azure Data Centers
All Other EUROPE – Microsoft Azure Germany Frankfurt
United kingdom – London
United States – Iowa and California
Asia – Singapore
Now you know your data is safe and compliant with ALL government regulations and Privacy.