Reception Services

Reception Services

Every Great Practice Has an Awesome Receptionist


Someone with a friendly welcoming voice, an ear for everyone and an eye for organisation. Mediclinic Office is that receptionist, but without the dramas of hiring and firing. It’s a real live receptionist for a fraction of the cost. Mediclinic Office is tailored to your speciality and reflects your way of doing things.

Who Will Love Mediclinic Reception?

  • Proceduralist, physicians & surgeons - with threat lists and/or a variety of consultation room locations.
  • All clinicians - who want to project a professional image, keep overheads low and simply use sessional rooms.
  • Allied health and other health practitioners - who need to keep overheads down and operate their practices with or without receptionists.
  • Clinicians whose reception staff retire, go on holiday or leave - we can step in so that your practice doesn't miss a beat.

How it works - It's so simple

Simply forward a phone number to us or we can provide you one and we will do the rest.
You continue to have control over your number and can take it with you if your circumstances change.
It's that easy!

What's included?

  • At a glance: Your own number and fax, SMS to Email, scanning, bookings, faxes, reminders, financial follow up /overdue, full booking service.
  • A real person answering all calls for your practice from 8.30am-5.30pm Monday to Friday EAST (voicemail after hours). Patients will not be kept waiting.
  • All calls answered using your name or your practice preferences - "Hello this is Dr Jones' practice, Mary speaking."
  • Scheduling of all appointments, customized to your needs.
  • A shared bookings and appointment list, accessible and editable by you and your staff.
  • Reminders to all patients of their appointment with you.
  • Assistance to patients and third parties with queries not necessarily related to appointments. We will liaise with you as necessary.
  • Booking of lists/liaison with you and your team.
  • Everything your reception would do, except meet and greet and take cash.
  • Choose your own message and we will also record a Professional Greeting for your clients just like when you call us! And we will do it Free Choose form our selected Music e your customers call or choose your own and we will upload it PLEASE ENSURE IT IS IN WAV format.

Want to know more.... all this is included as part of our service!

  1. We provide you with a DEDICATED LOCAL CALL number you can advertise
  2. A DEDICATED FAX number you can advertise with all copies going to you as well as us
  3. Email to SMS service / SMS to Email
  4. Answer all calls in your business name as if we were in YOUR CLINIC or as you direct us.
  5. Book patients directly into your Mediclinic Portal – instant access and notification
  6. Do all reminder calls
  1. Send accounts by email or fax
  2. Re book all your EPC and DVA patients so compliance and care is upheld
  3. We Process all referrals and enter all relevant data
  4. Process all your Medicare and DVA payments
  5. Follow up missed appointments and try to re book
  6. Keep you advised by email at all times or by calling you
  7. Scan all referrals and paperwork to the patient file for you
  8. Anything else that is reasonable as your office staff would do

What Will This Cost You?


Including a dedicated phone, fax number you can advertise and email to SMS number and all of the above services (the cost of the Mediclinic Software Practice management system is additional).


  • $35.00 Per month for 1 practitioner
  • $15.00 per month for each additional (no matter how many locations)
  • $0.75 cents per call incoming and outgoing with a full log of all calls sent to your each month
  • $1.65 per posted letter (including printing, stamp, envelope etc)
  • $0.14 cents per fax to email and email to fax
  • $0.15 cents per SMS

This means you can have a reception-less clinic, SAVE HEAPS on secretarial costs. Did you know it costs up to 48% more for each dollar you pay out with super, sick leave, Indemnity insurance, holiday, Work Cover and gazetted holidays? YOU CAN SAVE at least $180.00 per day on hiring your own receptionist! We operate 8:00am to 7.00pm AEST, Monday to Saturday with a voice-mail service after hours, so no one misses out on business. We are soon going to 24 hours per day 7 days per week!

Talk to us, if you want to know more or how to sign up today!