The Australian Government recently upgraded its security advisories to Software Vendors. We take your security and the security of our Software SERIOUSLY. Not only do we comply with all data security elements of the Australian Government Security protocols and guidelines but we often exceed many of the standards required. For your security and that of your patients we do not list or detail what measures are in place. However, some of the things we cover against are intrusion attacks, IP verification and password controls with 2 factor authentication.

We implement the procedures required to protect you, us and of course patient data. We hope you will understand that measures we have in place are to comply and exceed security protections for all CLOUD data access..

For example, you may lock yourself out of the software with incorrect passwords. We then force you to call us as a protection or we call you to Verify if it is indeed you or some hacker. If it were so simple as an email password reset, this does not guarantee that you made the mistake so we get you to call us or we call you to reset if after a certain number of failed attempts. The software will advise one of our admin team so they will verify and assist you.

Mediclinic also checks your location so if there is unusual activity you get notified and so do we and we may call you, just like a bank if they suspect illegal activity on your cards.

We do not allow a username and password to have the same format so you cannot have welovethis as a username and welovethis 12345 as a password.

We also force you to use an upper case, a lower case and a number as well as a symbol in a password to ensure even extra protection. This is a standard outlined in the Information Security Manual prepared by the Department of Defense for all Government agencies. The booklet can be downloaded in our FORMS section.

Mediclinic has many other protections as well and just want you to know we take data security seriously and hope you appreciate the system we have is to help protect all of us from some event we rather would not face.